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Open you first informational bank account banking of you better from swiss
Life Capsulation HI learns about your daily life from how you use your devices and association it with your data. HI knows how you feel and what you like PortraitID Meet your digital passport with all information about your life. PortraitID is cloud based, it extends your digital persona to any device you use. Digital Friend It cheers you up with music when you are sad, Becomes nerdy, when you have questions, Gives you inspiration when you look for one, Warms your home environment the moment you enter your home.
HI assembles information from everywhere Stores and processes your identity
Choose your Country ID Below
And shows the result via smart app safe informational bank account and automatic log-in id card [Portraitid]
Just say HI to informational banking.
to control your informational transactions between various solutions
to adopt services/things in real time
HI makes the standard of user-involved informational transactions
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Meet First Japanese Informational Bank in a birthday of Akio Morita, Sony Corporation’s Founder Bring New Cozy Characters who will take all your cares on themselves into your life
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