Science Speakers

Science speakers can help your organization get a better grasp of what is going on in the world around you. Science professionals are physicists, biologists, chemists, and much more. Science has been behind some of the biggest innovations. It has helped us develop lifesaving pharmaceutical drugs and put a man on the moon. Science speakers can be invaluable for any organization that is looking to improve their knowledge of how science works and how scientists are able to research and test new theories.

Booking a science speaker does not have to be difficult. You can search through an extensive list of speakers with Speaker Booking Agency. Contact us today! 

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Kevin Delaney Director of visitor experience at Arkansas' Museum of Discovery (MOD); Star of Street Science

Kevin Delaney is the director of visitor experience at Arkansas’ MUSEUM OF DISCOVERY (MOD), in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the museum, he performs Awesome Science experiments for visitors of all ages... Read More

Temple Grandin Animal Scientist and Autism Self-Advocate

The most accomplished and well-known autistic adult in the world is Temple Grandin, Ph.D. The HBO feature film Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes, chronicles her exciting life and its difficulties... Read More

Jack Gallant Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at UC Berkeley

Jack Gallant is Chancellor's Professor and Class of 1940 Chair at the University of California at Berkeley. He is associated with the divisions of Psychology and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sc... Read More

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt Prominent Radio Astronomer, Director of the Murchison Widefield Array Radio Telescope

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (née Johnston 8 September 1974) is an Australian astrophysicist and educator. She has chipped away at the plan, development, and global administration of a few radio telescop... Read More

Dr. Majid Fotuhi Adjunct Professor, George Washington University

Dr. Fotuhi received his doctorate degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School in 1997.  Through his 30 years of teaching, clinic... Read More

Jennifer Eigenbrode Research Scientist; NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center

Jennifer Eigenbrode is an astrobiologist and geologist with expertise in detecting and deciphering organic molecules found in rocks sediments and ice. Her work has largely focused on early Earth recor... Read More

Jedidah C. Isler

Dr. Jedidah Isler is a native of Virginia Beach, VA and a lifetime lover of the night sky. A graduate of the Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences (DNIMAS) program at Nor... Read More

Jennifer James Anthropologist / Expert on Change

Jennifer James is a cultural anthropologist, lecturer, writer and commentator, who is well known to audiences around the world for her innovative ideas. She works on an international level, helping pe... Read More

Dave Snowden Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge

Dave Snowden has been one of the leading figures in the movement towards integration of humanistic approaches to knowledge management with appropriate technology and process design. Well known for... Read More

Rebecca Saxe MIT Cognitive Neuroscientist

Rebecca Saxe is a prominent cognitive neuroscientist and professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Saxe earned her Bachelor's in Brain and Cognitive Scien... Read More