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Artists are more diverse than ever before. The advent of computers and the internet has made it easier than ever to be an artist. In the past, we thought of artists as simply working with paint or a pencil. Today’s artists are often using graphic design or computers in order to create their works of art. Sometimes they are using computer programs like Photoshop in order to recreate art or to edit existing photos. Traditional artists and new age artists have even worked together on collaborations for new projects. 

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Mohammed Bilal Poet, Musician, Social Educator

Mohammed Bilal is best known as "the even-tempered, dread- locked rapper guy on MTV'sReal World III: San Francisco. He is also a diversity consultant, a musician, a poet, and an extraordinary write... Read More

Byron Motley Black Histroy Performer

Producer of the upcoming documentary Oh, How They Lived - Stories of the Negro Leagues, Byron Motley grew up hearing stories of the Negro Leagues from his father Bob Motley who served as a chief umpir... Read More

Jewel Allison Poet and Author

Jewel Allison was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York from an American mother and a Bajan father. Jewel came up in a in a family that was culturally rich. It was a common sight to see great artists... Read More

Joe Zuniga Artist & Speaker

Joe was born in Miami, Florida and currently lives in Tampa, Florida. He’s the product of a single mother with a Christian upbringing. Joe and his family were migrants that traveled throughout the cou... Read More

Ketih A. Somers Founder and COO of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, Actor, Voice Over Artist, & Motivational Speaker

Keith A. Somers, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, was born in the 60’s and raised in the suburbs of Southeastern Pennsylvania, thirty minutes outside me... Read More

Lee Mokobe Transgender Slam Poet

Based in Cape Town, Lee Mokobe is an award-winning slam poet and the founder of Vocal Revolutionaries, a volunteer-run literary organization focused on empowering African youth. In 2013, Mokobe's Sout... Read More

Skylar Kergil Transgender Activist, Artist, Musician & Speaker

Skylar Kergil is a transgender singer-songwriter, activist, educator, writer, and artist from Acton, Massachusetts, who now lives in Boston. After high school, he attended Skidmore College, where he s... Read More

Sunni Patterson Spiritual Musician and Poet

In order to produce strong music and poetry, Sunni Patterson integrates the history, customs, and culture of her hometown with a spiritual viewpoint. Sunni Patterson, who sprung from the musical womb... Read More

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg Artist, designer and writer

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is an artist, designer and writer, who investigates emerging technology and science and explores the role of design in the biotech revolution through research into synthetic b... Read More

Lola Gillebaard Entertainer

Lola D. Gillebaard was born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. A premature birth left her with with poor motor control and other serious health challenges that would result in in 17 major surg... Read More