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Innovation takes creativity and patience. If you are looking for a way to instill these positive qualities in your employees, then should consider booking an innovation speaker for your next event, conference, or company retreat. Innovation speakers are some of the most intuitive thinkers out there and they will enlighten and captivate your audience. Booking the right innovation speaker can truly transform your organization. 

Speaker Booking Agency has been working with innovation speakers for speaking engagements, corporate appearances, training workshops, trade shows and more for over 20 years. Our talented team of booking agents can find the perfect innovation speaker that fits your needs. Contact us today! 

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Caterina Rindi Consultant and multilingual speaker, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to the bitcoin currency and underlying blockchain protocol.

Caterina has been involved in the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem since late 2013, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to the bitcoin currency and underlying blockchain protocol, organizing... Read More

Miranda Wang Environmental Advocate and Inventor

Ellen Page is a Canadian actress and producer. Her career began with roles in television shows such as Pit Pony, Trailer Park Boys and ReGenesis. She starred in the 2005 drama Hard Candy, for which sh... Read More

Peggy Smedley Content Creator for Communities | IoT | Sustainability | Podcaster | Infrastructure | Author | Sustainable In A Circular World | Speaker

Peggy Smedley is the president of Specialty Publishing Media and is also a well-known author, editorial director, and radio host. Peggy focuses on sustainability and circularity and provides priceless... Read More

Vala Afshar Chief Digital Evangelist at, Author & Digital Marketing Evangelist

The Chief Digital Evangelist at is Vale Afshar. He is also a Twitter storyteller, author and digital marketing evangelist. Previously, Afshar was the Chief Customer Officer and CMO for... Read More

Andrei Codrescu NPR Commentator, "All Things Considered"

Andrei Codrescu has been a commentator on All Things Considered since 1983. He is an homme-de-lettres whose novels, essays and poetry have been infiltrating the American psyche since he emigrated from... Read More

Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD Dean of the Honors College, Director of the Center for Media, Technology, and Health, and Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Dr. Brian Primack combines his expertise in education, technology, human development and medicine in his research on the effect of mass media messages on health. Specifically, he focuses on the use of... Read More

Charles Denham M.D. Founder and Chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology and CEO of HCC Corporation

Dr. Charles Denham's business development career, spanning 30 years, has resulted in numerous product and process innovations. He was ranked 38th in the 2012 list of "50 Most Influential Physician Exe... Read More

Richard Worzel Futurist

Richard Worzel is a well-known senior futurist who has made a name for himself as a business visionary and strategic planner. He boasts an impressive client list that includes top-tier organizations s... Read More

Aaron McDaniel Innovation Expert, Corporate Manager and Business School Faculty

Aaron McDaniel is a globally recognized corporate manager, speaker and author with a passion for helping organizations innovate and attract, engage & retain top talent. Aaron began his corporate c... Read More

John Krubski Leading Business Futurist

In the course of more than 25 years of helping client companies achieve repeatable Moments of Genius, John Krubski developed the foundational principles of Thinking Whole and Breaking Genius. He is a... Read More