Humorous Speakers

Humor can bring an organization together. When times are tough and projects need to be completed, there is nothing like booking a humorous speaker to make people laugh and ease stress. Sometimes these speakers are professional comedians, they can also be other talented performers who understand how to make people laugh and relieve tension. Research has shown that employees who are less stressed are more productive. Booking a featured humorous speaker can be an investment in your company’s effectiveness and togetherness. 

If you are looking to book a featured humorous speaker, then Speaker Booking Agency can help. You can search Speaker Booking Agency for a speaker by sorting by industry or other categories. This helps you find the right humorous speaker and makes sure that they are a cultural and ideological fit for your organization. If you are in the market for a featured humorous speaker, contact us today! 

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Carl Hurley America's Funniest Professor; Heard on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio

Carl Hurley or Carl Hurley, Ed.D. is a former Eastern Kentucky University professor, and nationally recognized Lexington, Kentucky comedian and lecturer. In his early career, he was often billed as Am... Read More

Cathie Looney Cathie Butler Looney draws on her expertise as a therapist and a parent to shed some light on the confusing process that is parenting.

Cathie Butler Looney is a Certified Reality Therapist and a nationally acclaimed speaker. She is a much-sought-after personality whose insight and wit have helped educate parents and children in schoo... Read More

Buzz Sutherland College Comedy Speaker

Whether delivering his home-spun characters and outrageous facial expressions or his popular keynote, Its All In The Family, Buzz Sutherland keeps audiences rolling with laughter. Buzzs uniquely funny... Read More

Byron Bowers Comedian and Actor, Appearances on Comedy Central

Described by LA Weekly as “a comic who’s got big ideas and big plans to go big places,” Byron Bowers is a stand-up comedian and actor that has toured nationally with Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Buress, J... Read More

Charles Petty Humorous Professional Motivational Speaker

Dr. Charles Petty is a professional motivational speaker who speaks primarily on work/life balance. He was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a native of Arkansas... Read More

Karyn Ruth White Comedic Motivational Speaker; Stress-Reduction Through Humor

Karyn Ruth White has over a decade of expertise in the field of stress-reduction through humor. Before that she performed for over 15 years as a professional stand-up. Two decades of experience entert... Read More

Randye G. Kaye Author To Hell and Halfway Back

Randye G. Kaye is a professional voice talent and audiobook narrator with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has recorded hundreds of audiobooks in various genres, including fiction, non... Read More


Will the real Bill Clinton kindly take the stage? That is what you would say if Tim Watters and President Clinton were seated side by side. Tim Watters, an actor, and comedian looks so much like Bill... Read More

Mark Katz Humorist who can trace his career from the principal's office to the Oval Office.

Mark Katz is a speechwriter and humorist whose unique background makes him a sought-after expert in the world of politics: for the eight years of a previous administration he worked directly with Pres... Read More